17th/18th century St Catherine or Katherine of the wheel


St Catherine of Alexandria (Catherine or Katherine of the wheel). A lovely late 17th early 18th century painting depicting or showing the mystic mariage of St Catherine. Framed measurements are 130 cm by 102 cm.
St Catherine of Alexandrai was born at the end of the third century. She was of priviliged noble birth as denoted by the richness of her clothing in this painting (not to be confused with Catherine of Sienna who was a Domenican nun and is always prtrayed as such). St Catherine excelled in the arts and sciences, especially philosophy and converted to Christianity after a vision in which she went through a mystical wedding ceremony with Jesus this being a metaphor for her commitment to a chaste Christian life. This painting depicts this cermony in which the infant Jesus places a ring on St Catherine’s finger in the presence of the Virgin Mary and witnessed by the saints including St Peter and St Paul, St Sebastian, St George, St Micheal, St Augustine and others. Contact Noel Borg on 9987 4751 or 21 49 75 19. Free delivery available. You can also visit us at 147 Valley Road Birkirkara opposite Foto Vission. This week we shall be open on Mon and Wed 5.30 – 8.00 pm, Fri 4.00 – 7.00 and Sat 10 – 1 pm.


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